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Emerging From My Cocoon

I’ve missed you.
The past fifteen months has been a season of cocooning for me. Maybe it has been for you too.
For me, it’s been a season of pulling myself into a warm, dark chrysalis.
Of allowing myself to turn into mush and just let go.
Of untangling from old beliefs, outdated stories and burdens that were no longer mine to carry . . . or that were never mine in the first place.
Of learning how to be present with myself and to listen.
Of learning how to be present with others and to listen.
Of learning how to simultaneously hold opposing forces: grief and joy, disappointment and contentment, shedding and becoming.
Letting go and reaching toward.
I’m feeling more at home in my own skin than I’ve ever felt, I’m ready to emerge and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with you.
The butterfly doesn’t emerge from her cocoon ready to fly. She emerges with sopping wet wings that take time to dry. She’s never used these wings and she knows her first efforts at flying will be clumsy at best. She requires patience, trust and persistence from herself.
I am the newly emerging butterfly.
Along with sharing deeply what’s on my heart and inviting you to work with me in new ways, some big learning curves lie ahead, especially with technology.
My initial efforts will be clumsy and allowing myself to be seen in that awkward space feels at the same time, both dreadful and liberating.
I invite you to come along for the journey.
Much, much love,
PS The first step out of my techno comfort zone will be moving to MailChimp as my email provider. I’m sending this week’s newsletter from both the old provider and the new, so you’ll receive this one newsletter twice.
PPS It is an honor and a privilege to land in your inbox. You’re not a number on my mailing list; you’re valued and respected. I hope that what I share resonates with you, but please know that if my emails no longer do, I honor your decision to unsubscribe.

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